Gua Sha & Serum Kit


Treat yourself to a luxurious facial sculpting experience. We've paired our Super Moisturizing Let's Start Over Serum with our Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool designed to provide your face with a stimulating workout.

What is in the Kit: The kit includes our Full sized Super Moisturizing Serum, and Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial sculpting tool .

How to use your Gua Sha stone: Gua Sha is designed to stimulate circulation while helping to improve the appearance of smoother and firmer skin. Use the Gua Sha with a few serum drops on your face by performing light pressured massages. Your Gua Sha should be used with light pressure on the face to not hurt or cause bruises. Stop using if irritation occurs.

The Serum: The Super Moisturizing Serum is a moisturizing and soothing face oil for normal-dry skin types. Formulated with just 3 clean ingredients, it’s designed to nourish and respect your skin without irritation.

90% of our customers reported using the serum daily and more than 50% replaced their moisturizer with it.

Clinically tested, Allergy tested, Microbiome Friendly, Non-irritating and Dermatologist reviewed.


  • Gentle
    & Clean
  • Microbiome
  • No Preservatives
    & Fragrances
  • Not tested
    on animals

    As we all have a unique skin, always test it first to make sure it right for you.
    Use morning or night, whenever your skin feels dry and tight, on clean & dry face.
    Apply 2-3 drops to the palm of your hand, gently massage into your face. Voilà!

    Our carefully formulated serum is designed to moisturize and respect our skin natural function without damaging it.

    Squalane Plukenetia volubilis seed oil Tocopherol

Made with only 3 clean ingredients.

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Ingredient Descriptions

Ingredients Source Benefits communicated by supplier Why? EWG Rating
Squalane Derived from sugar cane Highly moisturizing Improves skin elasticity Non-comedogenic Already present in our skin
Plukenetia volubilis seed oil  Peruvian nut, organic & fair trade Improves skin texture Preserves the skin’s barrier High in fatty acid and protein content 1 
Tocopherol Soybean & sunflower seeds Has Vitamin E activity Serves as an antioxidant 1