The French Founder behind ELSI, Elsa Jungman, Ph.D.

Skin & Clean Beauty Expert

“At 18, I suffered from a toxic shock syndrome  that sent me to intensive care. It made me lose skin layers all over my body, and my skin became extremely sensitive.

All the products that I tried were too irritating. The frustrating journey to find a product that worked, led me to become a scientist and expert in skin health. Throughout my experience, it’s been my mission to empower women to build strong future for themselves. “

Elsa Jungman has a Ph.D. in Skin Pharmacology and began her career working in R&D for L’Oréal in Paris.

Dr. Elsa’s passion for researching began while contributing to  peer reviewed journals at age 25 and has continued as she’s worked with renowned dermatologists and leading brands all over the world. In 2015 she moved to San Francisco where she learned about the skin microbiome and its importance for skin health.

She made it her mission to be an advocate and resource for promoting a healthy skin ecosystem. She worked towards that vision by becoming a mentor for biotech startups as well as an expert for the Clean Beauty Council at Credo Beauty. After years of providing recommendations to companies, clients and friends, Dr. Elsa is proud to share her own line of conscientious skincare.

Scientific Bibliography

Facial Yoga Ritual 1 - Serum Ceremony
Facial Yoga Ritual 1 - Serum Ceremony

by Team ELSI May 27, 2020

At ELSI, we believe there’s more to skincare than just the products themselves - it’s about how you care for your body and mind overall. With the ELSI Method™ Serum Ceremony Ritual we hope to promote a holistic approach to skincare that integrates facial yoga with our science-driven skincare.
Skin Changes During Pregnancy
Skin Changes During Pregnancy

by Team ELSI May 14, 2020

During pregnancy and postpartum, your body and your skin go through significant and complex changes. While a shift in hormonal, metabolic, and immunologic processes accommodate and nourish the brand new person that you are creating, you may notice some abnormalities appear on your skin.
Dr. Elsa at her home sheltering in San Francisco. #makeupfree
A guide to your first skin-cleanse with Dr. Elsa Jungman

by Team ELSI April 10, 2020

We sat down with our founder, Dr. Elsa Jungman to understand how to start a skin-cleanse and why it is so important.