Who Would’ve Known? 10 Intriguing Facts About Elsi’s Founder, Dr. Elsa Jungman

by Team ELSI April 26, 2019 1 Comment

Who Would’ve Known? 10 Intriguing Facts About Elsi’s Founder, Dr. Elsa Jungman

There’s no better way to get to know a person than by discovering those little things that one usually ignores, but tells us more about a person than we think. From Paris to San Francisco, entrepreneur Dr. Elsa has come a long way to redefine skin care. In order to learn more about the mind behind ELSI, here are 10 intriguing facts about who she is when she’s not talking business.

1. She’s guilty of watching the second season of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ twice.

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The Assassination of Gianni Versace didn’t do it for her but the French tv show ‘Call My Agent’ and two-time Golden Globe winner ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ definitely did. If you want to learn more about the transition of a lady from housewife to comedian in the 1950s, then is definitely a must-see show. Just the perfect dose of laughter someone needs before going to bed to relax or simply enjoy time with your partner.

2. Breakfast fantasy: Green tea and Mestemacher bread with almond butter.

If there’s something we can’t deny, it is that our love affair with food starts with breakfast. When it comes to almond butter, its creaminess and mouthfeel combined with the perfect amount of sweet and salt is what makes us addicted to it. It is important to have a good breakfast with protein and the right amount of simple and complex carbohydrates to keep up in energy. Additionally, tea has the detox effect we all need at one point and for Elsa her weakness involves the taste it has with floral or fruit notes like Yuzu.

3. Top 5 beauty products in her traveling bag: concealer, mascara, oil cleanser & hydrating serum.

Traveling is part of Elsa’s entrepreneurial life and one of the things she’s trying to embrace is avoiding makeup while flying. A concealer is a must, especially when it comes to rosacea or the under-eye circles and obviously mascara is always a good idea when it lightens up the mood a little bit, especially after a 14 hour flight. A gentle oil cleanser is her top choice to gently clean her skin, followed by a soothing oil to protect her skin.

4. The product she would create to revolutionize skincare is sunscreen. Skin cancer is only getting worse.

Unfortunately, today, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the USA. It’s really hard to detect melanoma (or any other type of skin cancer) which is mainly caused by over-exposure to the sun. It is important to acknowledge that sometimes the amount of sunscreen we put on is not enough. Something to worry about and take into account is the "efficacy issue factor". Sometimes sunscreens do not work properly. The truth is, the way to protect ourselves from the sun should be playful, not painful.

5. She believes the one beauty trend that’s never gonna die is personalization.

Products specifically designed for us. Elsa believes that with tech, because our skin profile is going to be more specific, it will provide our skin with exactly what it needs, depending on its type. How crazy is that? Technology adapts to us and our needs and desires. It has been doing it for a while now, so that only leaves one wondering: how far will it go in the next few years? The sky's the limit and the "Try before you buy" era will be completed redefined.

6. She’s an early riser.

Waking around 6:30 am is part of her daily routine, as well as starting her day with an Instagram post for @myelsibeauty account. She either works from home or goes to a co-working space in San Francisco to work on company strategy. One of the most important things for her is strengthening relationships with startup founders and communities in order to support each other along the rocky road of entrepreneurship. Some people wonder why it is important to be an early riser, and the truth is it goes from the peacefulness of the early hours to visualization and productivity.

7. Going to the gym at least 4 times a week is a must, with yoga and cardio box as her top choices.

Exercising is always a good idea and even with her hectic schedule and numerous daily meetings, she finds time to go either in the early in the morning or at night. There’s always a time to give our body and mind a break. The perfect combination of both can be found in Yoga. More than just helping in flexibility, its true purpose relies in the fulfillment of inner potential, self-awareness, and the importance of being present in mind and body.

8. She embraces her French roots with a raclette party on the weekends.

A cheese party? Yep, well in this case, it’s more of the vegetarian version of it with tofu but mouthwatering nonetheless. If you’re not familiar with it you must know it’s a common cheese meal; however, this cheese has a pleasantly smooth flavor that goes perfect with almost anything.

9. Her greatest fear is natural disasters.

It’s scary as it is fascinating to understand how environmental factors come together to create these harmful, unimaginable events. Being in a plane during a storm is one of her worst nightmares, while tornadoes, earthquake and tsunamis are definitely her top 3 phobias. In the unpredictable landscape of climate change we should always have in mind how small we are compared to the power of the earth, and we should consider the fact that climate change is mostly triggered by us. Just remember, if we are part of the cause, we can also be the solution.

10. Teleportation is her desired superpower.

Based in California with family in France and Colombia, she only wishes she could be in three places at once. In terms of business, collaboration is something she is constantly working on. So, being able to snap her fingers and arrive in another place at any hour and on any day would be simply a dream come true. Add that to the fact that her guilty pleasure involves tea and sweets in Japan or Korea. Finding a way to avoid those 11 hour flight definitely sounds appealing, especially since the tea is 100% worth it.

by Camila Encomendero, Fashion Journalism student.

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Agustin Chiquet
Agustin Chiquet

August 21, 2019

Yo no lo llamaría “Datos Intrigantes”, mas bien son cualidades. Y creo que falta la numero 11, la amistad, Elsa valora mucho ese termino con quienes la rodean. Es la esencia de su producto ser amigos con la piel. Felicidades Elsa.

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