Learn to Slow Down through Yoga and Beauty Rituals

by Team ELSI October 28, 2017

Learn to Slow Down through Yoga and Beauty Rituals

In a culture where we are connected all the time, it’s important to slow down and create moments of self-care and mindfulness.

The story

Elsa Jungman, a French scientist, started getting seriously into yoga after a stressful 2015 when she moved from France to California and changed her career path. Through yoga, she learned for the first time how to slow down, particularly by using breath practices and specific yoga postures to release stress and physical tension. After completing a six-week boot camp at Yoga Mayu, she felt more energized than before and capable to handle stressful situations with increased calm and patience.

Through her yoga practice, Elsa met Karin Karlsson, a San Francisco yoga instructor. Karin, a Swedish native, moved to San Francisco in 2016 to pursue her dream of teaching yoga. Their friendship quickly developed as they realized that they both had a passion for skin health and natural skincare products.

The creation of Atelier Namasté

ELSI - Learn to Slow Down through Yoga and Beauty Rituals

Karin (left) and Elsa (right), Co-Founders of Atelier Namasté.

“Their friendship quickly developed as they realized that they both had a passion for skin health and natural skincare products.”


Indeed, Elsa is a skincare expert, she holds a Ph.D. in skin research and has been working for world cosmetic leaders and local Bay Area startups. Her recent experience working for indie brands and startups transformed her vision of beauty. She became an advocate of slow beauty and sustainable products. Her understanding of skin health also shifted when she learned about the skin microbiome and how it is crucial that products we apply on our skin should respect this protective barrier.

Karin discovered yoga back in 2008 when recovering from an ankle injury. In 2014, she decided to pursue her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Garden SF. She is now offering public and private classes in San Francisco. Karin is passionate about helping her students connect to their own emotional, mental and physical strength, while always emphasizing the importance of cultivating loving-kindness towards themselves and others.

Karin’s own journey with her skin started as a teenager when she began to experience acne and other skin issues. Despite her commitment to a holistic lifestyle: vegetarian diet, daily yoga practice, and organic skincare products, she struggled with her skin well into her twenties. When meeting Elsa, Karin realized that she had been using too many products and needed to cut down on the number of products she was using. By simplifying her routine Karin’s skin has dramatically improved. That being said, many people need reliable sources of information regarding how to carefully choose a product and how to take good care of their skin.

It’s not a coincidence that Elsa and Karin are based in San Francisco, a global metropolis for new technology. While new technologies have improved life for many Americans, nearly half of American adults say they can’t imagine a life without their smartphone anymore. At the same time, several studies show that the consequence of regular technology use includes negative impacts on both our physical and mental health. In a recent publication by the APA, 65% of Americans recognize that periodically unplugging or taking a “digital detox” is important for their mental health.

At the same time, yoga is steadily increasing in popularity in the west. Yoga Journal lists 38 benefits of a regular yoga practice, with emphasis on asana (postures), meditation and breath practice. This includes greater flexibility, strength and an improved posture. There are also more subtle benefits of the practice, such as a lowered cortisol (the stress hormone), increased focus, calming of the nervous system and a quieting of the mind.

Yoga and skincare both relate to our mental and physical health. They offer a unique opportunity to slow down, and to create moments of self-care and mindfulness. This shared vision of wellness led to the creation of Atelier Namasté.

An unprecedented concept

The main objective of Atelier Namasté is to organize private and public workshops focused on yoga practice and beauty rituals.

The workshops are divided according to these two components. Karin will lead a Vinyasa yoga class focusing specifically on yoga postures traditionally used to increase blood flow, release stress and tension and improve skin glow.

Learn to Slow Down through Yoga and Beauty Rituals

All products used during workshops are natural and sourced locally either in the USA or Europe.


In the second component, participants will have the option to blend and apply their own personalized facial mask. All products used during workshops are natural, cosmetic grade and sourced either in the USA or Europe. There will also be some time for discussion, where Elsa will address participants’ questions regarding our skin health, product ingredients and skincare routines.

Following the beauty rituals and discussion, the workshop will close with a guided meditation for a full relaxation.



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