How to limit skin damages during Covid-19

by Team ELSI June 17, 2020


ELSI 1 Year Anniversary - Our achievements in 1 year

by Team ELSI June 09, 2020

Gua Sha Quartz Rose - How to use with a Serum

Gua Sha: Your self-care tool

by Team ELSI June 03, 2020

Dr Elsa Jungman Skin Microbiome clean beauty science

By Dr. Elsa Jungman: What is the Microbiome? (Episode 1)

by Team ELSI May 28, 2020

Facial Yoga Ritual 1 - Serum Ceremony

Facial Yoga Ritual 1 - Serum Ceremony

by Team ELSI May 27, 2020

At ELSI, we believe there’s more to skincare than just the products themselves - it’s about how you care for your body and mind overall. With the ELSI Method™ Serum Ceremony Ritual we hope to promote a holistic approach to skincare that integrates facial yoga with our science-driven skincare.

Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Skin Changes During Pregnancy

by Team ELSI May 14, 2020

During pregnancy and postpartum, your body and your skin go through significant and complex changes. While a shift in hormonal, metabolic, and immunologic processes accommodate and nourish the brand new person that you are creating, you may notice some abnormalities appear on your skin.

Dr. Elsa at her home sheltering in San Francisco. #makeupfree

A guide to your first skin-cleanse with Dr. Elsa Jungman

by Team ELSI April 10, 2020

We sat down with our founder, Dr. Elsa Jungman to understand how to start a skin-cleanse and why it is so important.

Hidden Layers: How Hormones Impact Your Skin

Hidden Layers: How Hormones Impact Your Skin

by Team ELSI March 18, 2020

How our skin looks and feels at each stage of life is a reflection of many factors - but there’s one in particular that is consistently part of our lives but often goes unnoticed: hormones. 

Love & Support at risk groups during COVID-19

Love & Support at risk groups during COVID-19

by Team ELSI March 12, 2020 1 Comment

In an effort to bring a moment of stress relief, comfort, a smile or a simple act of kindness we are offering to send a free full size serum (only pay $5 for shipping) to anyone in the high-risk group from the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Behind the Science:  Let's Start Over Serum

Behind the Science: Let's Start Over Serum

by Team ELSI March 03, 2020 1 Comment

Welcome to our second edition of Behind the Science - an inside look at the research and innovation that serves as the backbone behind everything we do at ELSI. Our second episode is a Serum Q&A with our founder, Dr. Elsa Jungman.  Watch as we dive into questions behind our ELSI's serum, what it's like to be the first US skincare brand to be certified Microbiome-Friendly and see why we can't stop talking about Marie Kondo.

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